• Under Allison Roth, ShrinkWrap Markets Psychotherapy

  • Posted on February 08, 2017
  • Anytime she meets with a prospective client, Alison Roth, ShrinkWrap's founder and leader, asks them to remember became a therapist in the first place and why that is still so important. She tries to get them to overcome both their fear of and distaste for self-promotion. That is because she knows that branding and marketing their practice is the only way they can continue.

    To Alison Roth, ShrinkWrap was borne out of necessity. She is herself a licensed psychotherapist, but she also had a decade-long career in the branding, marketing and website development businesses. That experience woke her up and made her realize that her fellow therapists also needed marketing help if their practices were to succeed. The rise of the Internet meant that more potential patients were searching for therapists online. That meant there was a need to develop both an online presence and a recognized brand if they were to have an opportunity to build a successful practice. ShrinkWrap does all of that, but does so in a sensitive way that respects and dignifies the profession.

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